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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Another girl mixes it in boys' sport

First, there was the Title IX-inspired institution of mixed high school wrestling (March 22) - in the gym hall, and not extra-curricular!

Now (I learn from Crooked Timber) we have Katie Brownell of Oakfield, NY who has the gall to pitch a perfect game for her Little League team.

Strictly speaking, it was both less-than-perfect and more-than-perfect: on the one hand, she only faced 18 batters (it was a six inning game); on the other hand, she achieved her feat by strikeouts only. So, catcher apart, she pretty much did it on her own.

Now, you couldn't get away with that in Hollywood; not doing it all by strikeouts like that. Stranger than fiction...

The Times write-up (no durable link) has a low-angle pic (which is mostly sky) which contrives, with the use of shadow, to make it look as if she has a black eye.

I rather gather that these Little League affairs tend to work up something of a frenzy - Roger Clemens' bat-chucking being mild in comparison. Katie looks the model of restraint, though.

In victory, magnanimity, as Bush's second favourite Englishman once wrote.

(Male egos had better not be fragile around her: she's batting the small matter of 0.714, too!)

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