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Friday, May 06, 2005

AIPAC a bunch of traitors? Say it ain't so...

Of course, it's early days: who knows what games are being played here.

But it does rather look as conclusions that some might have jumped to were not so far of the mark: AIPAC unashamedly pervert the US polity for the benefit of Likudniks and settlers - if they've been operating covertly as well, it would hardly be that much of a stretch.

The arrest of Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin is embarrassing for AIPAC and the multitude of friends of the Jewish lobby, many of them Democrats - including 16 out 20 of the top recipients of Pro-Israel campaign contributions in the 2004 cycle.

(And it seems that the Sharon-rimming section of the blogosphere has been remarkably quiet on the issue [1].

No doubt, they have their mouths full.)

Israel's putative spymaster in Washington, Naor Gilon, is - depending on which Israeli rag you believe - either being withdrawn or staying put [2].

Coincidentally - or not - AIPAC mass buggery of the American political class (or annual policy conference) is shortly to be held.

Are they going to be any drop-outs from the list of top pols slated to attend? Is that flying pig kosher?

  1. Nothing on Instapundit, for instance, that I can see.

  2. This last from the ever reliable (even without Conrad Black) Jerusalem Post (under hed Analysis: Relief for AIPAC despite Franklin headlines).

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