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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Why Ann Coulter and not the bankruptcy bill?

The Time profile of Coulter (by John Cloud) is behind the pay-wall, and in any case, the bint interests me little.

Of greater interest is her place - and, by extension, that of Time - in the priorities of those who pretend opposition to the Bush administration and all its works. Like the Democrats, for instance.

It's gargantuan. Absurd. Grotesque. Essentially onanistic.

Just as it was with Jeff Gannon (or James Guckert or whatever the hell his real name was).

But this is onanism for a purpose: for all the games (like social security) that Congressional Dems are anticipating winning down the stretch, currently their record on important bills and nominations is 0.000.

The sound of whistling Dixie is deafening. What better for taking loyal Dems' minds off the dismal performance of their team than by getting them worked up over gaudy trivia.

Meanwhile, the estate tax bill (HR 8) and energy bill (HR 6) are steadily working their way towards the Senate floor. And, no doubt, Democrat senators are hoping they will be able to get away with the same betrayal of their constituents - their non-multimillionaire constituents, at least - as they managed with the bankruptcy bill (S 256).

And the bigger the hoopla there is over Gannon or Coulter or whatever other GOP joker who comes to hand, the easier that betrayal will come.

Garofalo had an expression about the right-wing talkers supplying red meat for the dopes. That, I think, is exactly what the Big Push - first on on Gannon and then on Coulter - has been all about.

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