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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Where's the dirt on Phil Angelides?

I just heard a snatch of the guy on Janeane Garofalo's show.

Angelides is California State Treasurer and has declared himself a candidate against Schwarzenegger for Governor in 2006.

His bio also says
From 1975 to 1983, Phil worked in California state government, developing a reputation as a leader in the fields of affordable housing and sustainable development. In 1984, Phil moved into the private sector and in 1986 formed his own successful business that planned and built the new community of Laguna West...

That sort of career trajectory in other fields - defence, say - would cause raised eyebrows.

I've no idea what involvement elements of state government had in bringing his development to fruition. Or what involvement Angelides had had as a CA official in those elements of local government which were involved in the development.

Presumably, all the right questions were asked and satisfactorily answered, at the very latest, when Angelides first ran for Treasurer in 1998.

Angelides' company, I learn, is River West Investments. According to a page on its site,
In the decade since its founding River West has brought into creation more than 6,700 acres of land with residential, commercial, office and industrial uses.

That is a lot of development land, even in the expanse of the Golden State, I'd reckon [1].

A scan of the Google results for "laguna west" "phil angelides" and "river west" "phil angelides" finds nothing in the extracts that suggests criticism of his real estate activities.

The answer to my question, it seems, is, There is none. Not, at least, in the most obvious place to look.

  1. According to the Sacramento Business Journal piece,
    River West is not itself a landowner. It designs land use and pursues development entitlements for landowners. Often, Vail and other River West executives are in the partnerships that own the land.
    Standard practice for the locality, the piece says.

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