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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Where is the "Party of the Working Class?"

The plaintive question of Franken-favourite David Sirota, no less.

He's set off by a gloat-piece in the Moonie house-rag about the accommodationist wing of the Congressional Democratic party and the Conservative Coalition Redux:
This bipartisan "little engine that could" is gaining so much momentum that it's causing certain Democrats to wrap common sense around their rhetorical axles.

I love it when a metaphor comes together!

The bankruptcy bill S 256 is the focus of the puzzlement - opposition to which, as I've pointed out several times before, is pure New Deal, supportable by liberal, moderate and conservative alike.

The cream of the jest: a bunch of Tom DeLay's little Dem helpers whining to Nancy Pelosi about adverse comments about their bankruptcy votes.

The Democratic Party in 2005!

The assumption is that the Dem wheels on the little engine are mere contribution-whores. But, as I've pointed out before [1], the amounts that particular industries are handing out is pitful in relation to the total cost of getting re-elected.

There must be something else.

  1. In relation to Tom DeLay's ARMPAC contributions to GOP Congressmen (April 23) as well as shylock-lover Debbie Stabenow's receipt-book (March 13).

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