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Friday, April 08, 2005

Valkyrie ride for Hillary to save New York 'copter pork

Rather get between a rottweiler and his dinner than separate a US Senator and the hard-won, juicy joint of pork he's salivating over taking back to his home state.

Or, in this case, she.

Hillary Clinton chick-fighting with Christopher Dodd - Lockheed v Sikorsky: WWF, eat your heart out! The Times has the story under the slightly underpowered hed Legislative Combat Over the President's Copters.

Of course, the fact that Hill and Bill might using the merchandise in 2009 adds a certain piquancy.

(Plus, I just liked the image of Hillary riding the rescue swathed in bedsheets to the sound of Wagner.

Not that I'm implying a Klan connection. I don't know whether she can ride, even.)

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