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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Those wacky journos: 61 years and counting

The news about Peter Jennings' cancer naturally threw a pall over the 61st annual Radio & Television Correspondents' Association dinner.

It is usually the occasion, much like the Gridiron Club bash, for the journalistic and political wings of hackery to get together to let their hair down and enjoy badinage from the President and others. (The famous Where are those WMDs? sketch, for instance.)

Fine. Tick. Move on.

Then count: 61st annual. That means that the first of these affairs must have taken place in Spring 1945: as the invasion of Europe was still not complete and Nipponese friskiness was still the order of the day in the Pacific, a bunch of hacks put on their penguin suits to go yuk it up in Washington.

The Greatest Generation? Some were greater than others, evidently...


Yes, it crossed my mind that, maybe, the first dinner took place in 1941, the event was suspended, and the second took place in 1946. But the Association - does it actually exist, or is it an in-joke? - seems to have no website, and Mr Google is unhelpful.

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