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Friday, April 01, 2005

Special Order 40: cops protecting hoodlum illegals from the INS

I touched on the issue on March 15 - but without possession of the open, sesame necessary to get Mr Google to disgorge.

Which is, Special Order 40, which, according to this, states
That no officer of the Los Angeles Police Department shall cooperate with the Immigration and Naturalization Service to: inquire into the immigration status of an individual, EXCEPT AND Unless (underlined in the text) required by city, county, state or federal law to inquire into the immigration status of an individual seeking LAPD employment.

Arrogance going well beyond Tom DeLay's Schiavo Circus; yet this travesty has apparently been in place since November 27 1979.

When there was still a President Carter.

How can a War President waging a War on Terror allow such a flagrant piece of interposition to continue [1]? Where's the anger?

What's Schwarzenegger doing about it? Why aren't injunctions being sought?

Fortunately, on this topic, Mr Google produces more material than you can shake a stick at, all of it (that I've sampled) profoundly depressing for anyone concerned about the rule of law.

Other jurisdictions have, it seemed, followed Los Angeles' execrable example.

The ACLU bleating reads like a Daily Show spoof:
Special Order 40 is essential. Immigrants are disproportionately the target of crime. Victims and witnesses concerned that they will be questioned about their immigration status - or arrested and turned over to INS officials by the police - will refuse to come forward. The result is inevitable: immigrants will become easy prey for criminals who know the victims will not report offenses to the police for fear of being deported.

When the ACLU says immigrants, it means illegals. Who, if they don't like the conditions, have the remedy in their own hands.

Is the average American aware that his legal system has been subverted for the benefit of those who have no right to be in his country in the first place?

Rather than grandstanding intrusions into private grief, a conservative party worthy of the name would be putting its efforts into stamping out the Special Order 40 abuse around the country.

  1. John Calhoun in his grave must be so conflicted!

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