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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rape bill veto: pandering in Colorado

Old news, but something of a companion-piece to the CIANA abortion Mann Act that's whizzing through Congress (April 28).

From AP on April 6:
Republican Gov. Bill Owens yesterday vetoed a bill that would have forced hospitals to tell rape victims about emergency contraception, saying it would have crossed the line by forcing church-backed institutions to violate their own ethics guidelines.

The bill is HB 1042. The box score on passage is impressive:
The measure passed 46-19 in the House and 22-13 in the Senate, with a number of Republicans crossing party lines to support it.

According to this, every member voted. Overriding Owens' veto would take two-thirds of each house: 44 in the House, 24 in the Senate.

And the current session of the legislature (called the General Assembly) is due to end on May 11.

But the Dems have given up on the override, more or less:
Sen. Jennifer Veiga, D-Denver, the bill's sponsor in the Senate, said it is unlikely that the Democratic-controlled legislature will successfully override the governor's veto. House Bill 1042 passed the House with enough votes to override, but some of the Republican support is expected to fall away in a vote that directly challenges the governor. Veiga said she didn't expect the bill to make it back to the Senate...

I put Republican strength in the House 30 [1] - a bad day at the office in November, for the GOP to lose both houses.

I suspect that renegade GOP members were just showing a bit of leg to moderate voters, in fear of further lurches to the left - I'm not sufficiently interested to invest time to find out.

If the veto override had still been a runner - different case entirely.

  1. Why I have to count the Rs, I don't know. Shouldn't every state legislature home page have the a state of the parties somewhere?

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