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Monday, April 04, 2005

Quebec: still the market leader in language fascism

Not litigation I'd heard of [1]; but I see (via Howard Bashman) that combined operations against the citadel of language fascism, Bill 101 [2], have left the wretched thing more or less intact.

On the basis of no direct evidence, I sniff politics in this; Quebec has been quiescent on the revolting Francophone front since the failure of the Parti qu├ębecois to win anti-federal refereranda. And the Liberal government of the virtual one-party state that Canada is at the federal level is no doubt delighted not to have the Parti handed a casus belli by the Supreme Court of Canada [3].

  1. News: there's a lot of it about...

  2. It's been enacted these several decades; why it's still referred to as a bill, I know not. But it is.

  3. The cases (the opinions of which I needless to say have yet to read!) are Okwuobi (EN and FR); Gosselin (EN and FR); and (Tutor of) Solski (EN and FR).

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