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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Porktastic highway bill cloture sails through

The box score: 94-6. Each and every Democratic senator jumped for the boodle; the six senators who didn't were all GOP.

(Is this covered in high school civics classes.)

Guess who we'll be relying on to yank some of that pork out of the mouths of the slavering senators?

George Bush. Who is to good government and prudent budgeting what John Goodman is to limbo-dancing.

Bush is our guy.

There is, of course, the conference committee before we get to Gorging George. One would then be relying on a dispute over divvying up the booty [1].

But if not,
The Bush administration has threatened to veto the highway bill if it exceeds the White House-set spending ceiling or increases the deficit

Why is the Administration, normally unconcerned with deficit bloat, assuming the port of Scrooge over the highway bill? No idea right now.

  1. My piece on April 26 mentioned last year's bills HR 3550 and S 1072. Effectively - so far as I understand - the bills died because of just such a dispute - on how much gouging the taxpayer could stand. The American Public Transportation Association site has useful bulletins (indexed here) describing the process.

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