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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Plenty of law journal goodness on the filibuster

Though not exactly an even split (all in glorious PDF, natch).

On the anti-filibuster side, we have John Cornyn [1] with his Our Broken Judicial Confirmation Process and the Need for Filibuster Reform here.

And, from the same neck of the ideological woods, The Constitutional Option to Change Senate Rules and Procedures: A Majoritarian Means to Overcome the Filibuster (Gold and Gupta) here [2].

For a non-ideological (not overtly ideological, at least) treatment, I've mentioned before (on December 8 2004, to be precise) Fisk and Chemerinksy's article The Filibuster [3].

Roll on the nuclear option!

The NRSC - or National Republican Senatorial Committee - has an interesting piece detailing (what it says is) the history of Robert Byrd (the Legal Kleagle) with cutting down the filibuster during his time as Majority Leader.

(A long, long time ago. When Al Franken was funny.

OK, not that long ago.

But long enough ago that the Congressional Record is not available to us peasants to check whether the GOP made up its quotes or not.

When is the God-damned Congressional Record going to be fully digitised, for crying out loud?!)

  1. The foaming-at-the-mouth we don't need your stinking judges Senator John Cornyn from Texas? The very same.

  2. Does Harvard Medical School not offer treatment for elephantiasis of the journal article title?

  3. Elephantiasis not inevitable, evidently!


The NRSC tip from jovial Dana Milbank:
The filibuster fight in the Senate has long been hysterical; now, it's getting historical.

They don't do ledes like that in hard news! Do you think Milbank's trying to tell someone something?

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