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Saturday, April 16, 2005

New York City politics: still crazy like Jimmy Walker

A note for possible future follow-up: as a legacy, largely of the Tammany Hall Democratic machine, New York City often has one or both of the main candidates endorsed by several parties [1].

And one of those parties is the Independence Party headed by one Lenora B. Fulani [2]; billionaire Mayor Bloomberg is, it seems, electorally obliged to rim this femme with no little vigour, despite her yen for making tart comments about the Jewish State, which tends to hurt him with other parts of the electorate.

His protoplasmal ancestors are no doubt spinning as hard as he is.

  1. Cliff Notes, from memory: they made the American Labor Party for voters to vote for FDR without voting for Tammany; then, they made the Liberal Party for voters to vote for FDR without voting for Tammany or the Communists. And that was just the beginning. (Probably not even that...)

  2. I kid you not. Apparently, her slave name was Branch. The piece suggests a manque de sérieux for which an extended stay in Bellevue might in other times have been indicated.

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