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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Janeane Garofalo - sold her pilot or sold on a pilot?

Politically, her radio show is of negligible interest, most nights. More repetitious than a cuckoo, less substantial than a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie - content-wise, you get more from the back of a cornflakes packet. (And her interviewing skills are - well, she doesn't have any.)

But - when she's flying, she's hilarious. The free-association rants delivered with an adolescent passion that is quite charming - when they don't move into tedium.

And, since returning from LA on Monday, she's been well and truly airborne [1].

Which makes me wonder: has she had the word from NBC execs [2] on her pilot? Or perhaps found some more personal cause for rejoicing?

(I'd be happy to see her move back to LA with her sitcom, and get someone else in for the slot. Not, let us hope, another Jerry Springer, whose show is Garofalo-style ranting, but with the charm and humour taken out and lead weights added.)

  1. The MP3s are here.

  2. Whom one would, I suspect, not trust further than you could throw them. But, in the circs, a little credulity is forgiveable.

    The show is called Deal (previously, All In, for crying out loud!) and, though the description gives no particular reason to be cheerful, I dare say you never can tell without seeing the pilot. And usually not even then.

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