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Monday, April 04, 2005

Hate-speech or 'hates speech'?

It's an antidote to the cynicism that logically follows from regularly (and gloriously unscientifically!) sampling political discourse in the US to find the younger generation continuing to point out the Emperor's nakedness without spin or varnish.

Thus, one Robin Zhou of the Alhambra High School in Pasadena (I know the song...) writing in the school paper
claimed that cultural factors such as "Hispanic parents who are well-meaning but less active" help explain the gap in academic performance between Asians as a group and Latinos as a group.

"Is this suggesting that brown people cannot think on the level of white and yellow people Absolutely not. But the difference is real, and it needs to be acknowledged and explained before it can be erased," Zhou wrote.

When one reads that
Alhambra High School is 54 percent Asian and 38 percent Latino
one is unsurprised that the sound of race cards being played resembles that of a Flying Fortress about to take off.

The Star-News piece allows a she said:
"He wrote an article saying that Mexicans are laggards," said sophomore Janine Rubalcaba, who wore a brown T-shirt and cardigan Wednesday. "He can have his own opinion, but the school shouldn't let him write it. He should have kept it to himself if he thinks that about us."

The evidence quoted is that Mexicans are laggards (though it says nothing about the reasons); for instance,
While 44 percent of the school's Asian students take all the courses needed for admission to the University of California system, only 9 percent of Latino students enroll in all of them.

It is not disclosed whether Ms Rubalcaba is among the 9%.

Past experience with these high school free speech farragoes would have Zhou ridden out of town on a rail; or, at the very least, told to button it.

Saints be praised, the Alhambra principal takes a different tack:
There is much greater awareness now. My goal is not to sweep this under the carpet and get everything back like it was. This is something that needs to be discussed.

The guy's name: Russell Lee-Sung.

¬°Ay! ¬°Caramba!

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