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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Great craic in Michigan

There's at least one movie in Michigan politics, of course: they repeal the Twenty-second Amendment, and the Governator faces off against the attractive but Canadian-born Jennifer Granholm [1].

But it's far from the only one, it seems [2]. The Mayor of Detroit is one Kwame Kilpatrick [3], who seems, as they say, to divide opinion.

By rights, he should be as bent as a nine bob note (politically, that is); a city like Detroit is probably the closest the modern US comes to the ethnic stews that supported Tammanies in the various cities in the pre-war period.

But a cursory search brings up what looks like nothing but invective from what looks like a bunch of usual suspects - so I won't go chasing the angle [4].

The latest thing is his war against WXYZ-TV's Steve Wilson, described by the Freep as
pit-bullish, scoop-loving, over-the-top

(From which I'm tempted to infer that he's scooped the rag badly on occasions!)

Bill Frist may have his cohort of Motorised Ministers: so has Kilpatrick, it seems. His machine corralled
more than two dozen pastors
to vent their spleen at a presser
which attracted a former director of faith-based initiatives who has been on the mayor's re-election payroll; his mother, U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Detroit; his grandfather, Marvel Cheeks, and a cousin who works in the mayor's office.

A family business, clearly.

The piece says that
Kilpatrick said he did not orchestrate the event
- irony which suggests that those nasty things said about Wilson were friendly joshing between colleagues.

  1. They'll never pass the amendment, of course (unless there's some foreign-born Bible-bashing creationist the GOP ultras would like to see run); but they might do the movie. Michelle Pfeiffer, I think for Granholm.

  2. My knowledge of Michigan politics can easily be contained on the back of the proverbial postage-stamp. Call it a kibitzer's hunch.

  3. Was Kwame assumed in adulthood for political reasons? Having been born in 1970, it's possibly his original Christian name. Why assuming the name of an obscure and long-gone dictator and crook (viz, Kwame Nkrumah) might be beneficial in Michigan politics, I'm at a loss to explain. Is he a role-model for Hizzoner?

    Quick question for the high school students of Detroit: locate the Gold Coast on a map. Or Ghana, even.

  4. Apparently, an embarrassing memo turned up during Granholm's run for Governor in 2002 supposedly referring to a deal proposed by Kilpatrick under which he would agree to deliver his race's votes in exchange for a whole stockyard-full of pork.

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