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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Filibuster: paging the Coen Brothers...

I'm basing the call on the treatment they handed out to Hollywood pretentiousness in O Brother Where Art Thou?

Everything in that movie is fake, down several geological layers from the ZZ Top beards that come out towards the end. The accents indicate pretty much none of the actors evidently strayed south of Cleveland [1]; the race angle is absurdly anachronistic; the hi-jacked names [2]; the Odyssey, for crying out loud!

And the music is all wrong too, apparently [3].

But Hollywood's job description is to produce works of fiction. Whereas Washington's - isn't.

Of course, one could showcase Washington fakery through any number of cases: from the Schiavo Circus or the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (!) going back to the old days when the town was a building site.

But, the filibuster already has its movie icon - the much taken-in-vain Mr Smith Goes To Washington - and that puts it in pole position for the treatment.

A snag might be [4] that the Coens are Dems, and thus enthusiasts for the current display of overwrought histrionics.

But, hey! - sacrificing 'principle' [5] for a shedload of moolah would just supe up the gag...

  1. Except Holly Hunter's Georgia - two states east - and the radio station guy, whose accent might just be Mississippian.

  2. Pappy O'Daniel was a pol, but from Texas, for instance. (Piece on December 1 2003 - when I'd evidently not quite got the joke yet.)

  3. I'm no bluegrass expert. But I've read - no link - that, for instance, the harmonies in Keep on the Sunny Side should be in sixths, but are in thirds - or vice versa. And, comparing the classic version of The Carters (which I happen to have), the sound is Pat Boone-ised. The Carters' track, production-wise, is rough - but they sound like genuine inter-war crackers, not the Partridge Family. (The fact that, as we know, the Carters hated each others guts adds spice.)

  4. I've no information either way: some Hollywood producers must be Republican, but my hunch is that most are Democrats.

  5. There is no principle underlying any view possible of the filibuster (piece yesterday) - but then, that just adds another twist to the tale.

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