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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Energy bill - another suitable case for (Senate Dem) treatment

When are some of those worms going to turn?

One of the many upcoming legislative opportunities is provided by HR 6, the Energy Bill Redux - or should that be Reflux? - that, like the bankruptcy bill before it, is getting one more heave.

It's horrible - in ways the Times sketches - and it includes an amendment from man of the moment Tom DeLay (for maximum boos and hisses!) [1].

The bill has a closed rule (H Res 219) which will see it outta here in no time flat (as I write, the House currently on the floor page shows the debate on HR 6 continuing).

I note that the HR 6 bill status page does not have any Senate bill associated with it. That sounds like a good thing.

  1. Known as the DeLay ultra-deep-water provision, apparently. I think it's ยง2004 - but its terms don't seem to match the Times' description.

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