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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Does Trent Lott have a smile on his face?

They don't have Lott to kick around any more. And surely he's seeing a silver lining in the pickle into which Golden Boy Bill Frist has got himself over the nuclear option.

If Lott had stayed mum about his druther of a Dixiecrat President Strom Thurmond, they'd have probably found some pretext on which to winkle him out of the Leadership.

But, whoever was in charge would have had to run with the nuclear option; and, thanks to the GOP rocket scientists of 2002, he dodged that bullet.

So, who knows? In 2009, the Clintons may be back in the White House and Trent Lott in the GOP Leader's Office. Majority or Minority, would that be, I wonder...


A contrast with Tom DeLay is suggested by noted New York Times hate-figure Elisabeth Bumiller:
...Republicans say that, for now, Mr. Bush's political need for his fellow Texas Republican transcends his personal distaste and the growing questions about Mr. DeLay's ethical conduct. For that reason, they say Mr. Bush and Karl Rove, the president's chief political strategist, are unlikely to try to jettison Mr. DeLay in the same way that they deposed Trent Lott as Senate Republican leader for racially charged comments Mr. Lott made in 2002.

Quoted not so much for the (somewhat insubstantial) substance but for the brazenness of that blind quote: Republicans say...

One has got used to seeing anonymice travelling huddled deep within a bodyguard of excuses: Bumiller, as a middle-digit salute to the new ombud [1] (replacing Daniel Okrent), says We don't need no stinking Code of Ethics - there is one, believe it or not - with the most naked example I've seen in a while.

Calling Patrick Fitzgerald...

  1. Byron Calame, nicknamed Barney.

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