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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Democratic horror votes on bankruptcy and estate tax bills

A nifty piece of sorting HTML from the good people at Techpolitics allows one to rake over the entrails of the House Dems voting for the bankruptcy bill S 256 and the estate tax bill HR 8 (aka the Paris Hilton Act). One might find the odd few pieces of silver, I suspect.

The Left Coaster picks out the names of those 31 outstanding Democratic Representatives (representative of what?) who supported both bills.

The dedication of such tireless statesmen certainly deserves to be saluted.

No fewer than 42 Dems lubed up for Paris' strap-on. All part of the Nancy Pelosi plan of masterly inactivity to retake the House in '06, no doubt: with a daughter in the biz, she's familiar with the movie convention that the hero's got to take a few punches to lull the baddy into a false sense of security. And make ultimate triumph all the more satisfying, arc-wise.

'Cause there's social security humilitation for the GOP to come; and DeLay and his crooked machine imploding; and a victorious General Pelosi rides in unopposed, without having scuffed her Prada; her only danger being that of slipping on the body-parts of GOP members massacred in the polls, or by each other.

Great plan. Can't lose...

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