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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The coup comes in Ecuador?

The president, Lucio Gutiérrez, has been ousted, at least.

Whether the vote of the Ecuadorian Congress was constitutional or extra-constitutional, I'm not disposed to research right now. Salus populi suprema lex applies, no doubt - a tag exquisitely subjective, as dictators down the ages have shown.

The AP piece says
Renan Borbua, head of the ruling party in Guayaquil, Ecuador's largest city located 168 miles southwest of the capital, said he was sending thousands of pro-Gutierrez supporters by bus to the capital to "defend democracy and the Constitution.''

Bluster of a defeated regime? Or is it game on?

One would be looking for the usual disaffected group of middling officers to make a coup of it. No suggestion of such a group in the piece.

Narconews is, as ever, worth a regular squint:
...los partidos de oposición han tomado control del Congreso de Ecuador para declarar que "en representación del pueblo ecuatoriano" y declararon cesante al ex coronel Lucio Gutiérrez.

Is the revolutionary tang ersatz or kosher? Coup-watching elsewhere in Latin America has made me cautious. But where a false positive is possible, so also is a false negative.

Developing... (Oh, yeah...)

(The tip from a blog with a deal of stuff about Ecuador.)

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