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Monday, April 18, 2005

Boston Globe fake seal-hunt story: mysteries remain

Romenesko has the links, natch: here and here.

But where is the original story? Hard to get any sense of the culpability of Globe editors without seeing what clues the copy (of one Barbara Stewart, freelancer) gave them that the stuff was far from kosher.

It's evidently been taken down from the Globe site.

According to Dan Kennedy,
The freelancer's story has been dropped from the Globe's website, but it's available on LexisNexis, with the "Editor's Note" attached.
It's OK for (I laughingly call) professionals to know what Stewart got past her editors, but not Joe Public? Now that's what I call contempt for the reader [1]!

Supplementary question: was Google asked to remove the cached article from its servers [2]?

The Globe's Editor's Note is in précis style - a form which lends itself to misrepresentation and spin.

Read with the original Stewart article, the reader would have been able to judge for himself. That that article has been confined to the Nexis ghetto naturally suggests to readers without Nexis access that Globe editors have shown a lack of good faith and good judgement, in making the correction, if not also in the editing of the original Stewart piece.

  1. Naturally, I search on the extract he provides - and this turns out to produce the longest extract that I can see available online to civilians: Kennedy's text plus Stewart's lede.

  2. Romenesko's link is to a Google cache. But I've stripped back the URL - and Google says it has no cache for it.

    The story - dated April 12 under hed Canadian seal hunt resumes bylined Barbara Stewart, Globe Correspondent is still as I write linked by Google News - but the link produces a Page not found page at the Globe site.

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