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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Bill Clinton behind Dems' free pass to Schiavo Circus?

I'd missed this from Dotty Lynch (who? Senior Political Editor for CBS News, apparently):
Harkin, of Iowa, was a prime mover behind the Senate decision to join with the Republicans to urge federal judicial review. Harkin is close to the disability community, which worries about "right-to-die" issues, and Senate Democrats deferred to him on Schiavo. He forged the coalition with Republicans Frist, Santorum, Martinez and, according to two sources, had the support of former President Clinton for his actions. While Mr. Clinton apparently didn't talk to Harkin until after the vote, one source described Mr. Clinton as "egging him on."

Repositioning Hillary as a moderate Republican is one thing: pandering to the crackers can't be helpful to that cause, though, surely?

(I discussed Harkin's role in the débâcle on March 24.)


I note for the record that even Barney Frank (the Representative from Far Out) has given comfort to the crackers:
I think Congress needs to do more. Because I've spoken with a lot of disability groups who are concerned that, even where a choice is made to terminate life, it might be coerced by circumstances.

If I've lost Barney Frank...

(The disability lobby is the 'right to life' movement's Trojan Horse in the citadel of the liberals.)

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