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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Big Pharma saved the nightly news

The intensity of the contempt felt by the networks towards their news operations is evidenced by the fact that these shows are run against each other, at 1830 ET. (I'm assuming that, as with the general run of shows, that that means 1730 CT, rebroadcasts for the Pacific Time zone, and the Mountain Time boys left to do their own thing.)

Even at 1830, that is barely what I'd call prime time: most folks are on their way back from work, picking kids up from school, making supper, or whatever. It's shoulder prime-time at best.

The result - says Dan Kennedy:
the average evening-newscast viewer is in his or her late 50s or early 60s, a demographic reality borne out by the ads for adult-incontinence protection, denture adhesives, and various types of medicine. "Without the prescription-law change 10 years ago" — that is, a change that allowed drug companies to advertise products available only by prescription — "these shows would have been gone," says Michael Socolow, director of the journalism program at Brandeis University and a former assignment editor for CNN.

Big Pharma's good for something, then, you're saying?

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