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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bankruptcy bill passes the House - puzzling Dem stampede

Roll Calls 104-108 make an odd assortment.

There was, of course, no chance that S 256 would be balked in the House. And, indeed, the previous question was moved (on RC 104) and duly passed. So the voting of Democratic Congressmen was always going to be for show, not for blow.

However, in 104-107, Nancy Pelosi managed an impressive discipline over her troops, with only one or two sheep going astray each time.

For the vote on passage, however, the Dem effort became a rout: no fewer than 73 Dems voted for the shylocks!

Why? The moneylenders know that the bill was passed already, so why should they be grateful at the empty gesture? The voters on the whole might not be so savvy - and think that the Dems actually helped the fat cats.

I'm not so hot on House members; but I spot a couple of names amongst Dems who voted for the bill:

James Moran (VA) has had his own dealings with MBNA - large loans, which gave rise to ethical questions. (In particular, the linkage - if any - between those loans and Moran's support for an earlier version of S256.)

And Stephanie Herseth (SD), who won a special election last year, to the acclamation of the DEWDROPs. It's a red state, and the imperative to accommodationism was enhanced by Tom Daschle's defenestration last November.

But, as I've pointed out before, a conservative can oppose S 256 without ideological difficulty (unless he's bought and paid for by the shylocks, of course - and pitifully small amounts suffice). Herseth seems clean of loan-shark moolah.

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