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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bankruptcy bill and the Dems: it's ugly

My amazement continues that broad swathes of Democratic activists aren't frothing at the mouth about the way their Congressional representatives are handling this loathsome bill.

It's the anti-New Deal: a return to the days when the Fourteenth Amendment killed child labour laws, not segregation; when antitrust injunctions under the Sherman Act were confined to trade union action.

You don't have to be a screaming liberal (or even a moderate) to find odious S 256's egregious pandering to the money-changers: the entire ideological span of the Democratic party should find no difficulty in opposing it.


A Raw Story piece makes depressing reading (not least for the proliferation of Big Media-style blind quotes!), running totally counter to the recent trend of good news stories on Dem Congressional performance.

A House anonymouse says:
There is a lot of concern that Democrats are not finding defining issues and defining principles on basic economic issues. There’s no Democratic voice. If we’re not willing to stand up for middle class interests against big money, then what is the difference between the Democratic Party and the Republicans?

Some say it's down to contributions (MBNA to the fore there, of course); others to lack of leadership from the (so-called) Democratic leadership.

Others are actually attempting to defend the bill on its alleged merits. (There were once Democrats who said that slavery was a splendid institution, of course...)

One aide says
"I've heard members articulate that the financial services industry will heavily fund a primary opponent or a general election candidate" if they oppose the bill...

Bear in mind that versions of S256 have been successfully fought for nearly a decade: have any of its previous opponents been targeted? I suspect a smokescreen.

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