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Sunday, April 24, 2005

The back of the bus could be fatal

Happening on a docco about the fatuous British V bombers, I learn that, in many if not all of these planes, ejector-seats were provided only for the pilot and co-pilot: the rest of crew had to bail out with parachutes!

The piece mentioned that a crash on landing at Heathrow in (I think it said) 1957 resulted in the pilot and co-pilot ejecting and surviving and the rest going for a Burton.

(This refers to a similar accident with an Avro Vulcan in Malta in 1975.)

And - the programme says - there would have been no point in the bombers returning to the UK - presumptively burnt to a cinder. One guy said he'd been told he'd do better to carry on eastwards, and settle down with a Mongolian woman!

Dr Strangelove was the model of sanity in comparison.

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