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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another anti-abortion bill close to passing House

HR 748 - the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act - was reported out of committee on Thursday.

It's a sort of abortion Mann Act: basically, it provides for jail time for anyone who helps a minor in a parental notification state to get an abortion in some other state.

It will most likely pass the House - similar bills have done so before.

The 64 cent question: are there 41 Dem senators to oppose cloture?

The 2003 bill on 'partial birth abortion' (November 21 2003) passed the Senate 64-34. So I tend to think the answer to the question is, No.

Raw Story has the draft minority report from Judiciary on HR 748.

The report has plenty of cogent arguments - for moderates as well as liberals - why the bill should be rejected.

But, then, it was the same with the bankruptcy bill...


A NARAL page says
During the week of April 25, the House will try to pass [HR 748]

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