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Saturday, April 16, 2005

ADL biting the hand that feeds Sharon?

Saint Bill of Filibuster's proposed Sermon on the Nuclear Option has, it seems, upset the Jewish lobby, in the person of Abraham Foxman.

We're supposed to believe that he's shocked that the GOP would seek to excite the base by mixing in a little old time religion with the parliamentary shenanigan. Didn't he notice that Schiavo stuff?

This couldn't be retaliation for Bush's failure publicly to sign a blank cheque for settlement expansion, could it?

(I just throw the thought out there - I've no evidence either way.)

The unholy alliance between (some sections of) Jewry and Christian fundamentalists is a blight on US foreign policy: anything that weakens the bonds would be a good thing.

My suspicion, though, is that (in ways I'm not clear about) Foxman's statement, like Frist's, is a light show to assist in managing sentiment among the faithful. Nothing to see...

(I'm alerted to the statement by Atrios - Foxman his enemy's enemy, I'm thinking.)

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