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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Will the Schiavo KKK get nullification from Florida juries?

Thanks to Ringmaster DeLay, Clown Bush and the rest of the circus exciting the crackers to fever pitch, Michael Schiavo and Florida 6th Circuit Judge George Greer have targets on their back the size of the Okefenokee.

Already, at least one cracker has threatened Michael Schiavo's sister-in-law. And another, one Richard Alan Meywes, was arrested for offering fellow crackers $250,000 for clipping Michael Schiavo himself.

And why not? The crackers have already seen their supposed betters in the Congress and the White House jettison the rule of law to pander to their onanism. Why should the man who sends Michael Schiavo to hell not expect at least one Florida juror to be a born-again disciple of 'life' like himself?

Glory Hallelujah!

Sometimes I think the worst thing Hitler ever did was to blacken the name of eugenics. If Bush was choosing the criteria - disaster, natch. But if it had been Eisenhower or Kennedy doing the weeding - I might spin that wheel...


Dan Kennedy's piece on media pandering to the GOP's pandering set me off.


In chat in the Post on the death of Terri Schiavo, journo Manuel Roig-Franzia says
Fr. Frank Pavone, spiritual adviser to Schiavo's parents, called what happened this morning "a killing."

A man with blood on his hands, if he's not very lucky. How friendly with the altar-boys was this guy, by the way?

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