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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Why is the nightly news at 6.30 pm?

The Village Voice raises the question.

My guess, for what's it's worth, is that the numbers don't work out. The cost of moving nightly news later in the schedule would be
  1. the differential advertising revenues; and

  2. the mess that a half-hour news show would make amongst programming largely made up of hour-long shows [1].

The nightly news still makes money; but, what with Rathergate, Eason Jordan and all, the execs at Disney, Viacom and GE must be wondering whether the PR pluses still outweigh the minuses. The last thing that a network news chief would want to do would be to give his bosses a hook on which to hang a review of the future of his news division.

On the other hand, said bosses won't want to be the men who killed the news. Far too much Murrowmania around.

My surmise: network news is moving nowhere fast.

  1. If it ran the news at 8.00 pm, say, a network could run a sitcom at 8.30. But not a drama, which are pretty much all 60 minutes. Schedulers would hate being tied down like that, I'm thinking.

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