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Thursday, March 17, 2005

West 43rd Street: the colon that keeps giving

The New York Times excels itself with an editorial that combines the humility of Donald Rumsfeld with the condescension of Marie Antoinette.

On the subject of USG VNRs, the Gray Lady's long bony finger is wagging furiously at the weaker brethren of the media parish:
If using pretend news is one of the ways these stations have chosen to save money, it's a false economy. If it represents a political decision to support President Bush, it will eventually backfire. This kind of practice cheapens the real commodity that television stations have to sell during their news hours: their credibility.

The difference: these sad sacks only wanted to fill some dead air: whilst the pandjandrums at the Times - Sulzberger, Raines and Co - decided to help George Bush start a war by offering their readers as gospel truth the USG-tailored Iraqi WMD fantasies of notorious felon Ahmed Chalabi.

Motes and beams, methinks...

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