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Friday, March 04, 2005

Schumer's bankruptcy trump card?

The plan is to pass a poison pill amendment to S 256 - Charles Schumer's SA 47 [1], to be precise - in the Senate which will stick in the craw of House conferees (if it gets that far). Or, I suppose, in Bush's, if it would ever come to that.

This provides the Cliff Notes version: SA 47 provides that debts arising from Federal convictions for violence or threats of violence will be nondischargeable by bankruptcy.

Schumer has moved similar amendments to earlier bankruptcy bills [2], but those specified abortion-related crimes. SA 47 is not so limited.

Harry Reid is co-sponsoring, so I assume we must take this as a leadership operation. The piece says
Schumer said he expects the amendment to come to a vote next week and predicted it could be "decided by a vote or two," according to CongressDaily.

Where is Reid going to get the votes? In roll calls on amendments so far, for example, Landrieu, Nelson (FL) and Lincoln, for three, have cleaved to the party line: is there going to be a problem keeping them on board, whilst reeling in the Fat Cat's Club, Uncle Joe Biden and friends (earlier piece)?

Reid has a bright, shining oh-fer so far in the game...

  1. There is no durable link to amendments on THOMAS: go to the S256 bill summary page.

  2. This anti-abortion site piece from November 2002 identifies the bill stymied in the 108th as the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (HR 333).

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