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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Obscene Congressional Schiavo circus

Only in America? Ayatollah Tom DeLay and his HR 1332 ghouls produce surely one of the most nauseating public displays outside the Confederacy since Topsy the elephant was electrocuted on Coney Island for the viewing pleasure of the free and brave back in 1903.

I happened to see a rebroadcast of Friday's ABC nightly news, and they were intercutting GOP Congressmen spouting cracker-talk and a doctor flatly contradicting them. Peter Jennings' body language was the equivalent of eye-rolling.

It was almost as if ABC's reportorial authority was being placed in the balance against the grotesque legislative pandering. Sign of life or artefact of PVS?

But let's celebrate another opportunity for courage missed by Congressional Dems: both HR 1332 and S 653 passed on voice votes. No doubt everyone had places to be, and, if they didn't, they damned well would have if a roll call was in prospect.

Often, of course, the better part of valour is skedaddling; and it would have been a shame to spoil the effect of all that goosing of anti-abortionists by Hillary, Dean and the rest.

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