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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Georgia: GOP revenge for horrible Dem redistricting

One need not be an expert to see at a glance that the gerrymander perpetrated by the Democratic regime in Georgia following the 2000 Census [1] was utterly putrid - as bad, if not worse, than anything that Tom DeLay's Texan friends managed.

Scarcely suprising that, with the reversal of fortune last November, the compliment has been returned.

HB 499 has passed both houses of the Georgia legislature; and a glance at the new map (various maps here) suggests that the GOP effort is a damned sight less offensive. Obscene gouges and protuberances have largely been eliminated.

No doubt, the redistricting is as partisan as hell; but, unlike the Dems, one does not have the impression that the GOP crossed a ten-lane highway to poke us in the eye!

Now, it seems that, in the fine tradition of the state, the Dems have started hollering nigger. A return to Federal court is inevitable, of course.

And pols complain that no one trusts them...

I was alerted to the gladsome tidings by a TPM piece - which seems posited on the assumption that gerrymandering was hitherto solely practised by the Republicans.

I've commented before on the way some (most?) Northern Dems seek to minimise their shame at their predecessors' having supported slavery and segregation by referring to the then Southern wing of the Democratic Party as Dixiecrats, a different party altogether. Not that Calhoun or Bilbo had any reason to think they weren't Democrats at the time, of course...

  1. Maps for the 109th Congress are here. The 3rd, 7th, 8th and 10th are dripping with partisan hackery; the 13th is ripped from an Operation Rescue poster.

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