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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Franken the Hack at least mentions bankruptcy...

You don't need to be fired by the fine liberal tradition of Minnesota - Humphrey, McCarthy, Wellstone, and all those other guys rapturing over whom Franken achieves fruition - to know that the bankruptcy bill stinks to high heaven.

My guess is that, polling voters, an ample coalition rejecting the ghastly thing could be found amongst liberals, moderates, libertarians and a whole lot of conservatives that adds up to well over the 60% needed for cloture in the Senate. If they understood the implications.

Just listening to presumptive candidate Franken's show, I'm heartened that at least he took a couple of minutes to run down the list of the Foreclosure Fourteen - the Dems who sold their soul to MBNA. And he said some of them are friends of mine in a tone of regret - including Biden and one or two others that he named. And he said he would have to have a word with them on the subject.

And then it was business as usual - yucking it up with O'Reilly and all that other shtick that evidently gives him the ya-yas but doesn't do much for the victims of the bankruptcy bill.

My guess is that, with the Foreclosure Fourteen, after a few days, it'll be business as usual with Franken - and elsewhere in the Democratic Party.

Should one be surprised? Clearly not - this is the party, after all, who chose John 'I Voted For It Before I Voted Against It' Kerry as presidential candidate.


I tune back in and Franken's ranting about Rush Limbaugh and the Wellstone Funeral.

Fabulous choice of priorities, F-Man...

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