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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

FDR's cotton subsidy circus gives good roll call

I had to see whether Voteview had anything on the 'twelve cent loan' business (earlier piece).

Not a sure thing - so much passes on voice votes in the Senate (like the putrid Schiavo bill, of course). But this time we're in luck. (I'm assuming that anyone reading this far is a sucker for this kind of thing, of course!)

We have RC 131 on August 24 1935 (spreadsheets) described as follows:
To suspend the rules of the Senate so as to consider a general legislation amendment to H.R. 9215, a bill making supplemental appropriations. The amendment being added would have directed the Commodity Credit Corporation to make loans to farmers at the rate of 12 cents per pound on cotton, when such loans are secured by cotton stored in warehouses approved by the C.C.C.

The sectional breakdown is fascinating: the Confederacy is almost solid, voting 20 of 22 senators. The MIAs? Glass and Byrd of Virginia! (Whoda thunkit.)

The border states put most shoulders to the gin; but Maryland for the Dems (Tydings and Radcliffe) and Delaware for the GOP (Hastings and Townsend) go so far as to vote against their erstwhile fellow slaveholders.

The Dems in the other sections were also split: the Midwest supported Dixie 4-2; the North by 5-3; the West by 12-2.

A similar pattern among the GOP; most notably, the Sons of the Wild Jackass (the insurgents in the Hiram Johnson/Robert LaFollette Sr tradition) are split: Johnson, Borah, Nye and Frazier support cotton; Norris says Nay.

The log-rolling, bribery and arm-twisting that gave rise to this pattern of voting is, I suspect, a closed book to online truth-seekers (tight-fisted browsers such as your humble blogger, at least).

But the Serendipity Fairy might come through: she's done so before (as with the Black Mafia article of a few days ago).

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