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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Curse of the Plawg hits Air America

Having said nice things about the Unfiltered show (February 24) I should have known to fear the worst.

Not only has one of the girls (the comic with the annoying voice) been defenestrated, accompanied by blundering PR of Rathergate-scale ineptitude (the only resemblance, though); but I find the other, Rachel Maddow, guilty of classic hackery over the really horrible bankruptcy bill (March 4 twice) [3].

The elephant in the room is the decision of leading Democratic senator and possible presidential candidate in 2008 Joe Biden to take the side of the loan sharks against the - well, ordinary Joe.

And hack Maddow did not breath a word of it!

(Hack Franken, Three Wise Monkeys in one, has - from what I've heard - stayed well away from the bankruptcy bill and the less than stellar record of Democratic senators in attacking it. Social security - which stands a much slimmer chance of passing this year than the bankruptcy shocker - is much safer territory for a presumptive 2008 candidate!)

  1. On Wednesday, I think it was. Not having transcripts to work with makes keeping tabs on content much more difficult - even if MP3s are available. Which they are.

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