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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bankruptcy bill - any parliamentary manoeuvres left?

The Senate Dems - let's face it - are a defeated army. They're unable to punch themselves out of a paper bag at this point [1].

But - if they had the will (which they don't - this is pure druther) - is there anything to be done on the bankruptcy bill?

The primary source for Senate rules is Riddick's Senate Procedure. According to which (p284) either a motion to table or a motion to recommit would be in order notwithstanding that a cloture motion has been passed on S 256. And, if a motion is order, a filibuster is possible.

Too improbable for Frank Capra at his gloopiest that enough of the Foreclosure Fourteen would shuck off their credit card industry chains and vote for sanity and justice.

But the way is clear for them to do so - parliamentarily speaking - if they actually had the cojones.

Which they don't.

I'm not blaming Harry Reid for failing to command forces he doesn't have: the guy only has 45 troops at his disposal, so he can't be expected to win votes that pass on a simple majority. He's not responsible for the vagaries of the RINOs - of whom there are probably less than the necessary six, and who have, on bankruptcy, been much more reliable for the GOP than a lot of Dems have been for Reid himself.

But he can be expected to win - some - cloture motion votes. And the bankruptcy bill is so outstandingly médiatique, the stories of the hardship it will cause so appealing to tabloid journalism, that one would have a legitimate expectation that he could have secured a win on the bankruptcy cloture motion.

While the DEWDROP circle jerk on Gannon/Guckert was in full swing, those fists in reciprocating motion could have been better used in writing faxes to the Foreclosure Fourteen and others - Baucus, for instance - who might have been tempted to the Dark Side.

Needless to say, most of those who will be hit by the bankruptcy abortion will never have heard of Reid, still less able to name his treacherous colleagues.

They are the road kill of (some) Dem senators' fundraising activities.

Meanwhile, by all means, keep the Gannon/Guckert gags flowing...)

  1. The incredible Dem triumphalism over social security - a bill yet to come - may justly be evaluated by their pisspoor performance with the bill that is before them.

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