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Friday, March 04, 2005

Bankruptcy bill and Joe Biden

Scanning the roll calls on S 256, it's apparent that most (all?) of the Dem amendments would fail even if the full complement of Dem senators supported them.

One regular Dem voting with the Republicans is Joe Biden, possible presidential candidate in 2008, one reads. (Usual suspects like Landrieu and Lincoln are cleaving to the party line this time.)

The Post explains Biden's tactics here and here on an amendment, now withdrawn, from Cornyn (R-TX), curbing venue-shopping for corporate bankruptcy filing, but not why Biden is such a regular for the GOP on the bill.

(He is representing Delaware lawyers in insisting that filing in state of incorporation remains an option. But where's the DE differential on RC 14 (Feingold's homestead floor for the elderly)?)

Hillary Clinton is voting the party line, so far as I can see - DEWDROPs might like to note, for 08 purposes.

MORE (March 6)

Jonathan Chait, inspired by Bankruptcy Biden, bewails under hed When Democrats Join the Dark Side the addiction of Dems in Congress to home state interests - and the carloads of moolah they can supply.

(Carloads, no: the striking thing is how paltry are the sums given to suborn legislators compared with the value to the donors of the legislation passed. Ratios of 1:1000 seem not uncommon.

The cost to the taxpayer - in excessive defence spending alone - must be vastly more than the cost of all Federal elections.

Yet exclusively public funding of elections is as likely to pass (constitutional amendment needed, of course) as a bill imposing compulsory vegetarianism.)

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