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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bankruptcy bill amendments: the Democrat box score

It's ugly.

The Senate reconvened at 1400 EST today to resume business on S 256 - so no roll calls [1] from today yet. But the performance of Dem senators on the thirteen amendments to the bill brought to a roll call vote last week is less than stellar - or business as usual, depending on your viewpoint.

Of the 572 possible votes to be cast by the 44 Dem senators, 63 were cast with GOP majorities; 471 were against GOP majorities, and 38 were no-votes (Inouye (13) and Johnson (8) having the largest number of no-votes).

The largest Dem Nay [2] tally came in RC 20, on SA 31 of Dayton (MN),
To limit the amount of interest that can be charged on any extension of credit to 30 percent.

- 19 Dems went AWOL for the benefit of the loan sharks:

Nelson (FL)
Nelson (NE)

The sharks particular friends, in descending order of Nay votes, are

Nelson (NE) [2] 13
Carper [7] 12
Biden [15] 8
Johnson [16] 8
Baucus [4] 5
Bingaman [13] 5

All of the amendments secured at least 1 Dem Nay vote: 23 Dem senators voted Nay in at least one of the 13 votes, leaving (with Inouye a no-show) just 15 with a perfect score.

The six worst Dems were amongst the most conservative Dem senators in the 108th Congress as rated by DW-NOMINATE (their ranking - the nth most conservative Dem - in square brackets in the list).

However, other conservative Dems stayed more or less loyal - Lincoln (5th most) strayed only twice; Landrieu (6th most) only once.

Biden and Carper have sold their souls to the financial and legal equivalent of the military-industrial complex they have there down in Delaware; what is Nelson's excuse? (He's up for re-election in 2006, but his state is not a noted financial giant. On the other hand, he's hardly worried about a primary challenge, so perhaps it's just safety first.)

  1. The index page for Senate roll calls for the first session of the 109th.

  2. RC 12 was on an amendment by Sessions (AL): for ease of calculation, I've taken a vote in favour of that amendment as a Nay vote (all other amendments were sponsored by Dems, and each opposed by all, or almost all, GOP senators.)

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