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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Anti-abortion Dems moving on up

First, it was Hillary making nice, if not actually sleeping, with the enemy (a sad, even tragic choice to many, many women). Then, it was Howard Dean saying 'we' are going to embrace pro-life Democrats.

And now the decks have been cleared for an anti-abortion candidate to run against Rick Santorum in 2006. Apparently,
National Democratic leaders [have] recruited
Pennsylvania State Treasurer Robert Casey - with the intention of going in with a candidate whose right flank is protected.

Last month, Santorum was trailing Casey 41-46. (More here and here.)

Isn't this just the sort of Clintonian triangulation that the DEWDROPs hate so much? And now their idol Dean is up to the same trick...


Pennsylvania contains the Creationist Crackers of Dover, of course.

A Village Voice piece on how Hillary Clinton (seems to have) got religion. And why: distinguishing herself from that well-known atheist Catholic, John Kerry, who, fatally, was seen to practise religion without antiphonising and eye-rolling.

The piece says that the dissembling came not now but when La Clinton downplayed her religion for Bill - she was brought up a praying Methodist, apparently and kept it up.

It also fingers her appearing at
The January 19 fundraiser for the Boston-based National Ten Point Leadership Foundation...
hosted by
Reverend Eugene Rivers III, the spiritual leader of the Pentecostal Azusa Christian Community...

Rivers, who, the piece says, has embraced Bush's faith-based farrago (Ten Point has taken faith-based money), is hot against homo-marriage, and weaves in a crowd-pleasing racial angle, too:
Frequently, same-sex couples wanting to marry are white lesbians who seek the accoutrements of family life and the proverbial white picket fence.

It quotes one
well-heeled Democratic operative: "I don't think Hillary would've shown up with someone like that in New York."

But there's seems a marked reluctance on the part of DEWDROPs to attack her for her unsavoury association.

Funny, that.

Of course, for decades, the Northern section of the Democratic Party sold its soul for the votes of segregationists in order to control Congress and the White House.

You need a Big Tent; or, at least, a tent big enough to win. And whoever comes under that size of tent, you have to live with.

The party that stomached Theodore Bilbo all those years can probably manage with a triangulated Hillary Clinton.

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