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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

1956 Civil Rights Bill - there may be enlightenment...

...but not available to the Great Unwashed.

The volume to acquire is, it seems, JW Anderson's Eisenhower, Brownell, and the Congress: The Tangled Origins of the Civil Rights Bill of 1956-1957 from 1964 [1].

There is plenty to cover on the Administration side - Brownell, according to the Russell Riley book (p184ff) I mentioned on February 22, Brownell went out on a limb to misrepresent his beefier proposals on civil rights as those of the Administration itself - or (Riley is not clear on this) at least Brownell was playing good cop as part of a sanctioned monkey-shine.

The Senate story is in Caro and the Keith Finley thesis.

What I thirst after is the House-side story of the abortive 1956 bill that passed in the House (piece earlier today). How much space Anderson devotes to this, I obviously don't know.

The search continues...

  1. Included in a useful-looking annotated Eisenhower bibliography.


While the URL is to hand: a publication of the Eisenhower World Affairs Institute has pieces by
Dr. Terrence J. Roberts, one of the Little Rock Nine
describing his experiences, and by DDE assistant Rocco Siciliano [I kid you not!] on a 1958 meeting Ike had with Martin Luther King and other Negro leaders.

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