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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

VLWC? - use the colleges!

A trope of liberal discourse is the superiority of the Republican noise machine. There is a tale - about Goldwater, Scaife, the Arkansas Project and so on - that passes down tramlines as set in concrete as, for instance, the comparable tale about the Civil Rights Movement.

(Of course, now there's Howard Dean in charge of the DNC to help even things up...)

Coming by chance across the piece I did (June 14 2004) on Devon Largio suggests one way: use the talents of college students in the research they do for their degrees.

Largio's thesis was a catalogue and analysis of the varying reasons for invading Iraq put foward by the Bush administration in the 13 months following 9/11. That sort of hard work is not the sort of thing that the average blogger will do in a month of Sundays.

And it carries the validation of academics who, though (perhaps) biased towards the liberal end of the spectrum, do at least provide some sort of quality control and validation.

I don't know what Largio's politics are: the one time I heard her - on Garofalo's show - she was rightly reluctant to be an unthinking DEWDROP cheerleader. But I doubt she would class herself as a conservative, either.

For a liberal organisation to use peers to get round poli-sci students to discuss their thesis options wouldn't be the hardest thing in the world, I'm thinking.

Of course, the dividend is that, where the research turns up trumps, you not only have the data but a young and (possibly) cute individual to put it over.

It's not rocket science, people...

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