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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

UMich J-students fight back!

The 'Editorial Board' of the University of Michigan student rag raise their collective middle digit to Detroit News' Laura Berman (yesterday).

It's a piece of throwing sand in the eyes worthy of a working pol or journo - confusing, in particular, the consumption of written copy with the online consumption of such copy in dead-tree form. The latter may be optional (as a daily habit) for those contemplating journalism as a career - as the piece says,
Journalists aren't just newspaper reporters or columnists; they're photographers and broadcasters too.

But the former clearly is not - even for
photographers and broadcasters

Berman's first question explicitly assumed the electronic option -
Can any of you name a columnist you read -- in a newspaper or magazine or online -- on a regular basis?

Perhaps it was the first class of the day.

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