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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

This Inspector Javert will need to be pushed

The Post has a 3,000 word profile of über-prosecutor Patrick J Fitzgerald - complete with a cringe-making comparison with Elliot Ness from former US Senator from Illinois (and no relation) Peter Fitzgerald.

I'm not clear why a rottweiler like Fitzgerald was put in to investigate the Plame/Novak business in the first place. Surely by now there's a consensus that the mutt is out of control and needs putting down.

There are, for instance, still over 40,000 road deaths a year in the US. And - how can anyone be a prosecutor in Illinois without leaving one or two skeletons in cupboards?

(As will be apparent, I know nothing of such things.)

Victor Hugo's inhuman legal machine Inspector Javert meets his end thus [1]:
Javert demeura quelques minutes immobile, regardant cette ouverture de ténèbres; il considérait l'invisible avec une fixité qui ressemblait à de l'attention. L'eau bruissait. Tout à coup, il ôta son chapeau et le posa sur le rebord du quai. Un moment après, une figure haute et noire, que de loin quelque passant attardé eût pu prendre pour un fantôme, apparut debout sur le parapet, se courba vers la Seine, puis se redressa, et tomba droite dans les ténèbres; il y eut un clapotement sourd, et l'ombre seule fut dans le secret des convulsions de cette forme obscure disparue sous l'eau.

Come to think of it, the Potomac must be pretty chilly this time of year...

  1. In Part V, Book 4, Chapter 1 of Les Miserables. It's a hideous etext to look at, but the only HTML appearance online of the book in your actual French - Gallica has a PDF version. (A translation at UVa.)

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