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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Texas big hitters - class of 1987

A Texas Monthly list of the most influential Texans.

Since Mr Google is flaccid and useless without names - and most of these I have never heard of - the list may come in handy. When the Tom DeLay/Ronnie Earle thing livens up.

Awaiting the main course, we have hors d'oeuvres. This, dated February 24 and originally from the Houston Chronicle, I think, says
Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick will likely testify next week in at a trial in the first of three civil lawsuits stemming from the 2002 elections in which Democrats allege Republicans illegally raised and spent corporate money during that election cycle.

The lawsuit, filed by four unsuccessful Democratic candidates against Texans for a Republican Majority Treasurer Bill Ceverha runs parallel to a Travis County grand Jury investigation that has resulted in indictments against three political consultants.

Meanwhile, Texas legislator
Rep. Mary Denny, R-Flower Mound [1]
has, it seems, introduced
House Bill 913 [which] would require pesky prosecutors to seek the permission of the toothless Texas Ethics Commission before they could seek indictments for violation of campaign-finance laws.

And - wouldn't you know it? -
The bill is before the Elections Committee, which she chairs.

(Also this on the Denny bill.)

Those chumps who voted to annex Texas, eh? I had to look, of course: the closest to an up-and-down Senate vote I can find on Voteview is RC 18 on December 22 1845 (ordering a Third Reading for H J Res 1) which passed 31-13. To a man, the Democrats and Southern Whigs voted for, the Northern Whigs voted against.

  1. Insert your own off-colour gag.

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