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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Obama v Franken: the moderate Republican and the hack!

The Fallen Idol featured in the last 20 minutes of the Franken show yesterday - and it's well worthwhile downloading the show [1] to savour the 'confrontation'.

There's some opening banter, some stuff on social security - and then we get to tort reform. Where Obama voted with the fat cats (February 11), rather than as standard-bearer of the liberals.

So, with all those liberals in the audience, you'd surely expect Franken to come out slugging. Or at least sneering, as with Christine Todd Whitman a few weeks ago.

Of course you wouldn't. Franken the Hack turns the questioning over to his Untermensch sidekick Katherine Lanpher who asks the question and deferentially receives a moderately plausible response. Moderately plausible from a moderate Republican, that is.

And, because she is an inferior on her own team, she has no standing to challenge Obama on behalf of all those disappointed DEWDROPs who wet their knickers over his convention speech.

After which, Franken called the interview to halt without much ceremony, making no reference to the tort reform issue.

I have more on Franken's hackery - but this seemed so egregious as to be worth noting fresh.

  1. From here - 13MB.

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