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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

More White House fun with the liberal media

In the last four years, the American media have made twats of themselves by a combination of abject fawning over the words and works of the Bush administration and ineffectual or blundering sallies against it.

They have given the Bushies not the slightest reason to take them seriously. So they don't.

The latest gag to be highlighted is the role of one Jeff Gannon of

It seems that Talon is part of the VRWC, feeding the party line and sparing the faithful from confronting any semblance of reality. And Gannon - no journo he - is let into the White House on day passes to serve up softballs to Scott McClellan and (occasionally) his master.

And the DEWDROPs seem shocked - and not in the Captain Reynaud sense.

The only slight surprise would lie in the administration thinking they needed a guy to serve up softballs, when all the evidence is that the regular press corp have that covered.

But Gannon is clearly a joke at said press corp's expense. Any journo worth his salt would be fired up by this monstrous display of hubris to take down said administration with acts of journalism. (God knows there's been enough material generated in the last four years!)

Are there any journos on the White House beat worth their salt? I've seen suggestions around that both the Post (sans Milbank, now a columnist) and the Times have sharpened up their rosters: we'll see.

Meanwhile, the Washington Monument functions as the administration's raised middle digit...


E&P run with the ball a yard or two.

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