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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Miller/Cooper, Baltimore Sun fail in court

A note for my files (both decisions are fully covered elsewhere).

First, a fractured, if not fractious, panel of the DC Circuit agreed (PDF) on one thing about Judith Miller's and Matthew Cooper's claim to privilege in respect of their Valerie Plame sources: they don't have one [1]. A judicial chick-fight is always fun - and strangely most of those addicted to the hair-pulling and face-scratching seem to be male!

(Next stop: an en banc re-hearing, I suppose.)

Then District Judge Quarles tossed on summary judgement the Sun's claim that Governor Erlich's no fair barring of two of its hacks from receiving non-public information from his administration infringed the rag's First Amendment rights.

Pundits warn of the danger that a loss at the Fourth Circuit - or, worse, with the Supremes - would make the plight of journos worse than if the suit had never been brought.

  1. The situation of bloggers gets some attention, which will no doubt exacerbate the existing epidemic of capital elephantiasis already rampant amongst certain sections of the Fancy.

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